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National Employment Law Practice • Litigation Lawyers


Championing the Cause of America’s White Collar Workers


Offering Employee and Employment Law Representation Nationwide


We are unique in our approach to litigation because our national employment law practice regularly represents clients throughout the United States. We have represented clients in court and on the job behind the scenes in almost every state for over 30 years. We have recently represented clients in Florida, North Carolina, New York, Missouri, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Minnesota, Virginia and California.


Technology Makes National Employment Law Representation Possible


The new technology available to everyone, particularly the internet, makes representing clients in other states much easier than just a few years ago. Although we would like to meet every client in person, we find it is not necessary, particularly when we are consulting with someone on the job. Quite often, we do not meet our clients until after the case is filed, and we are preparing for depositions or hearings.


Modern technology has not only made it easier to communicate with clients but also to litigate in other states. Most of our litigation is done in federal court, which now requires all case filing to be done electronically on the internet. In addition, we partner with a local attorney as our local counsel on all cases. Because we represent employees in states outside of Michigan, we encourage you to contact our nationwide employment law with regard to your employment issues, regardless of where you live.


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