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information that discloses the discriminatory intent of the person who made the adverse employment decision against you. Discriminatory comments by coworkers or other employees, who were not involved in making the decision that affected you, are generally not direct evidence of discriminatory motive, unless they are repeating what the decision maker said. Discriminatory statements made in your presence by co-workers however can constitute a hostile work environment but that is a different issue. What constitutes direct evidence is not easily defined and the courts are not unanimous in their views about this subject. For example a statement such as we need to get more young blood in the organization may or may not found to be direct evidence. The results often depend upon the judge's viewpoint on the subject.


When there is direct evidence of discrimination such as women are not suited for this job or such other statements that disclose a discriminatory bias you do not have to prove that the employer's non-discriminatory explanation for the adverse action is unbelievable. What you need to prove is that the statement was made, and that it was the motivating reason for the adverse action.


Direct evidence of discrimination is a very powerful type of evidence. If you should become aware of a discriminatory statement by a management level employer you should document it. If you fear that you will be affected by a bias decision you heard you should seek legal advice immediately. There are time limits on the use of this information.


Of the more than 1,000 people we have represented only a handful had direct evidence of discrimination. So if you are not aware of any statements that disclose a bias don't be concerned that you do not have a case.


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