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Many attorneys only wish to represent employees by filing a lawsuit in court. We provide representation to employees outside the legal process as well. We recognize that many employees may need help while on the job because they think termination may be imminent, they have been denied a promotion, are experiencing harassment, or some other work related problem.

We also realize that suing your employer is a big step that many people do not want to take for various reasons. For this reason we offer on the job consultation for an hourly fee to advise on how best to handle a difficult situation such as responding to an unfair performance review while protecting employee rights. This provides our clients with the security of having legal advice on various issues as they arise during employment. The employer need not be notified of legal representation until necessary.

Prior to filing a lawsuit we try to resolve the case by obtaining a separation package or increasing one already offered. We find that many companies are willing to negotiate prior to a lawsuit because it benefits them as well as the employee. The cost of litigation, disruption in the workplace and reputation of the company, among other things, can cause a company to resolve a lawsuit before it is filed. However, the company must be persuaded that the employee has a valid claim which has the opportunity to be successful if pursued in court. To accomplish this we send a letter detailing the specific facts on which the claim is based.

If our pre-litigation efforts are not successful, a lawsuit is filed. Our clients are not obligated to take this step if they do not wish to. Also, a prerequisite to filing suit in federal court is filing a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or similar state agency. We represent employees while these charges are pending which also can result in the case being settled before a lawsuit is filed.

All inquiries by potential clients are confidential. An employer will not be told an inquiry was made unless authorized by the employee.

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