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If you have been subject to sexual harassment, you should immediately seek advice from an experienced sexual harassment lawyer on how to handle the situation so as to preserve your right to sue in the event the company fails to take corrective action and the harassing conduct continues.

Please contact the sexual harassment lawyers at Huizenga & Hergt, P.C., today for authoritative legal advice in matters of sexual harassment.

Liability in Sexual Harassment Claims

An employer's liability for sexual harassment is generally based on its failure to take prompt action to remedy the situation once it learns of the facts. Many women are afraid to report sexual harassment to their HR department because they believe they may be putting their jobs in jeopardy by making a complaint. Others, particularly those who work for smaller companies, can't report the conduct because the sexual harasser is the owner or there is no one in the company designated to investigate such claims.

As employment law attorneys, we often receive calls from women who could have made a complaint to the company but did not do so and quit their job in disgust. Unless the company knew about the situation or the perpetrator is a high level executive or owner, an employee's failure to make a complaint may absolve the company of legal responsibility.

Types of Sexual Harassment

There are different types of sexual harassment, and your response to each type should be measured to best protect yourself and your legal rights. One type of harassment is called quid pro quo, which literally means this for that. This type of harassment occurs when a person in authority requests sexual favors in return for promotion, a pay increase, continued employment or some other tangible employment benefit.

Another form of harassment is the sexually hostile work environment. Most often this occurs when coworkers engage in conduct of an overt sexual nature that is offensive and interferes with your ability to do your job. This often occurs where a woman is placed in an organization, department or job which has traditionally been dominated by males or an employee simply derives sexual pleasure or a sense of power by making women feel uncomfortable.

Retaliation From Your Employer Is Unlawful

If you make a complaint of sexual harassment properly, it is against the law for your employer to retaliate against you. Retaliation may be subtle or dramatic, such as a demotion or loss of employment. Retaliatory discharge actions are against the law, and if you have sought prior legal advice, your chances of obtaining legal vindication are greatly enhanced.

The bottom line is to obtain legal advice from an experienced sexual harassment lawyer as soon as you find yourself in a sexual harassing situation. If you fear obtaining legal advice because you believe it would be futile, because there were no witnesses and it is "his word against mine," rest assured we will relentlessly pursue the truth and show the conduct occurred.

For high quality legal representation and responsive client service, contact the sexual harassment lawyers at Huizenga & Hergt, P.C., today.

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